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The general public and security are a swirl of chaos that no guidance will ever conduct. Learning your limits of acceptable behaviour from the general public is your own prerogative. A firm smile is a good defence against smart-arses.

Other Buskers

Street Writers lined up on Royal Street, New Orleans, by Kaile Hanna @thespontaneousprosestore, 2015.

Your fellow street performers are your familiars. You have both chosen to perform on the street, that’s one huge thing you share in common that separates you from most other people.

People choose to perform on the street for a diverse range of reasons and typically live a wonderfully diverse range of lifestyles. Show other buskers that you’re friendly, say hello, compare notes at the end of the day, you might make a new friend, you might create a new act!

Other buskers are the people who are most likely to have the best information about the character of the street you’re on, and the most likely to be able to understand any problems you’re having. Fellow buskers are fellow family. Help one another!

The more people are seen performing a certain activity, the more that activity edges towards being accepted as normal. The more accepted as ‘normal’ an activity is, the more people will participate: both as audiences and performers. Part of the reason exists is to help more writers to join this exhilarating way to write. We create what is “normal” by the choices that we make with what we do each day.