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Independent pubs and bookshops can be friendly venues to approach to do street writing on demand off the street: a write in. Community fetes may hire you. Writing at weddings for people's guests is also popular in some parts.


Some venues will pay you upfront for a write-in, expecting you not to charge customers for what you write for them. Others will ask you to write-in for free, and expect you to perform the exchange with their customers.

Remember: by writing in-store you are providing ‘a happening’ at their establishment which can make their venue seem more interesting. They will often use evidence of you writing in their store on social media to this effect. By simply being there you are creating value for them. Some bookstores will pay healthy money (£150-£250 in London dependant on independent vs corporate, and the way in which you encounter one another.) if there is scant commerce in the store, it is rarely worth-while writing without the venue paying you to perform.

By allowing you to write, a venue is endorsing you. Write with due care and consideration for the character of the venue and the person who has requested you to write for them.

Things to consider when weighing up how, and what to charge, for a write-in:

  • Scale of the company. Corporates with large stores can afford to patronise writers more than independents.
  • Customers at the store: will there be many.

Use hashtag #streetwriters when posting content related to street writing.


Street Writer Ryan Ashley Knowles, @untouchedpoetry writing at a wedding in Austin, TX, credit:@waterloostudio.

Writing for guests at weddings can be a great opportunity. Typically the wedding organisers will pay a set fee for you to perform at their celebration.