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New York City

Crowded manhatten is a wicked place to dollar hustle. Washington Square is a popular spot for subcultures and street performers to hang out and street writers have been known to frequent. The Highline is a pedestrianised, conveyor belt of tourists and people out for a nice day. It can be popular to sit on a bench there. Street writers have also been spotted outside MOMA and the MET museums.

New Orleans

Street Writers in New Orleans. Shannon Monaghan and Kaile Hanna, by Kaile Hanna @thespontaneousprosestore.

A wintering city for many travellers, and a year round destination for millions of tourists. Bourbon street is a drink-fuelled shitshow. Frenchman street is more genteel, and street writers can often to be found along it during the evening, a good community of street writers is based there.

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A small summer city for many travellers and tourists alike, the small streets of the city centre can often include street writers. Many of the breweries will also host street writers to perform write-ins.

Madison, WI

State Street in Madison, best spot in WI according to Paul Wiegel.

Fatima Hirsi writing in Dallas, Texas, 2015. by @sarah_bee.

Austin, TX

Year-round destination town for conferences, festivals and tourists. Features a lot of entertainment. 6th street is the main drinking drag. Street writers have been reported to busk during the evening on 6th and at festivals.

Portland, OR

Reports of street writers outside Powell's Book Store. Big old famous place so it is.

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